Why TFA?

Flexible instruction

The world is our classroom at TFA! With low instructor-to-scholar ratios and an extended school year, we thrive on flexible instruction. We target mastery and application of curriculum standards, as instructors combine experience and experiment to provide nuanced lessons. At TFA, scholars can take time to understand and apply curriculum goals in real-word scenarios.

Wholistic approach

A high quality of life cannot occur without considering all areas of health and wellness. TFA implements flexible instruction across development to meet the needs of the entire child. Scholars at The Fitting Academy encounter learning opportunities that aid in socio-emotional, behavioral, physical, and cognitive stability. From our healthy habits initiatives to our behavior intervention program, enrolling at TFA equals access to life changing and lasting experiences. 

Quality experience

Life is loaded with incredible opportunities that are often stifled by daily stressors. At TFA, we implement policies that encourage increased quality time with your children. Scholars go home and unwind without the pressures of tedious homework assignments and projects. Parents are free to focus on cultural routines and traditions. As a member of #TheDen, you and your scholar will enjoy memorable and quality experiences time after time.